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Welcome to Cozy Lake 

A Premier Private Lake Community in Northern New Jersey

Cozy Lake Drone Image



Since the early 1900's Cozy Lake has been a place to unwind...away from a suburban lifestyle. Just 48 miles outside NYC, Cozy Lake is located within Jefferson Township, NJ. Nearby lies Berkshire Valley Park & Golf Course, a shopping center, campgrounds, and more. 



Members can rent our pavilion for private events, and bask in the sun within the beach area during the summer. Aside from cool water on hot summer days, the Cozy Lake association offers ice cream for beachgoers to enjoy. Members can also enjoy on the water activities including boating, paddle-boarding, and fishing.



Throughout the year, Cozy Lake hosts many family-fun events for members including the annual picnic, fishing contest, sundaes, s'mores night, Halloween party, Friendsgiving, polar plunge and many more!

Throughout the SEASONS

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